Fingerprinting Services Offered:

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FINGERPRINT CARDS – Our live scan technology allows fingerprints to be
captured and printed onto fingerprint cards to be submitted or mailed in
for background check processing.

FBI FINGERPRINTING (Business) – A comprehensive check on your background
pulled from the federal government.

APOSTILLE SERVICES – A certification that authenticates the origin of a
document. If you’re obtaining an FBI Background Check for use abroad,
especially in countries part of the Hague Convention, an Apostille might
be a mandatory requirement. This certification ensures foreign entities
that your document is both valid and genuine.

SWFT FINGERPRINTING – The Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) is
a specialized web portal designed to streamline fingerprint submissions
for individuals requiring background investigations. This is commonly
mandated for security clearances by entities such as the Office of
Personnel Management (OPM), Department of Defense (DOD), National
Industrial Security Program (NISP), and other pivotal Federal government
agencies. By opting for an Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT)
file via SWFT or allowing PrintScan to handle your electronic
fingerprint submissions, you can bypass the traditional method of
mailing paper fingerprint cards. This not only saves time but also
significantly accelerates your clearance procedure.

ON-SITE MOBILE FINGERPRINTING – A dedicated employee will travel to your
company location(s) for fingerprinting.

FBI BACKGROUND CHECKS (Personal) – A detailed summary of a person’s
criminal record, often termed a “rap sheet.” This report collates data
from federal, state, and local law enforcement entities. Although
businesses might require background checks for job prospects, only
individuals can obtain their criminal history summary directly from the

UTAH FINGERPRINTING – Our electronic fingerprinting equipment captures
your print swiftly and submits them to a trusted UTAH BCI channeling

FLORIDA LIVESCAN – Utilize our Florida Live Scan locations to submit
your fingerprints electronically to the FDLE for a level two background
check. The state of Florida’s primary Criminal Justice Agency oversees
the processing, ensuring comprehensive and accurate background checks
for all residents.

FINRA FINGERPRINTING – Fingerprinting services specifically for
employees in the financial sector.

ATF FINGERPRINTING – Fingerprinting services for individuals and firearm
dealers who must adhere to ATF requirements.

FINGERPRINT CARD CONVERSIONS – If you can’t visit one of our fingerprint
collection locations, we have you covered. Our Fingerprint Card
Processing Department employs advanced scanning technology to transform
traditional fingerprint cards into electronic records. This allows you
to archive and save your fingerprints as electronic files, print
additional fingerprint cards as needed, or seamlessly submit them
electronically to various agencies for processing.

We offer reliable Fingerprint Card Conversion services for the following

– FBI Background Checks
– Florida Level 2 Background Checks
– Fingerprinting Archiving Services
– ATF EFT File Creation

FINGERPRINT ARCHIVING & VAULT ID – Allows you to store your fingerprints
for a specified amount of time for future use.

NOTE: BCI, VISA and TSA PRE-CHECK are services to be offered soon.