A letter from the owner

Dear Friend,

Demand Drug and Background Screening  LLC was created in response to the growing drug abuse problems of today.  As a former therapist and correctional counselor, I witnessed firsthand the devastation of individuals, families and  businesses  resulting from drug abuse.  Particularly in families, drug abuse can lead to a lifetime of rehabilitation and treatment.  Domestic violence, child services intervention, criminal charges, incarceration and even death….a growing list of trauma and pain.

Businesses lose hundreds of million dollars annually from loss employee productivity, absenteeism and theft.  In addition,  employers are at the risk of increased liability due to employee neglect or recklessness as a result of drug abuse.

Demand Drug and Background Screening can serve as a powerful ally. Our personal approach to understanding your needs coupled with our products, services and technical know how will assist you in developing a drug free community for your home and/or business.    We develop drug free work policies, on-site testing and staff training; state of the art  employee background checks in screening new hires is also available.   Be it at home or work , we can develop a program for you.   Feel free to contact me personally with any questions you may have.   I invite you to join the fight in reclaiming our homes, businesses and communities from drug abuse.


Melvin Washington
Demand Drug and Background Screening LLC